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Grow your business with our solutions for retailers

Kijiji My Business

Just like the Kijiji you’re familiar with, only designed to post and promote larger inventories.

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Kijiji Performance Listings

A cost-per-click solution that gives you more control over how your ads are promoted.

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Kijiji Shopping Ads

Drive shoppers from Kijiji’s search results page to your site’s product page.

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Kijiji My Business is a subscription product designed for retailers and small to medium businesses to connect with potential buyers on Kijiji.

Some benefits of Kijiji My Business include:

  • Feed compatibility – Syndicate listings from your database
  • Customizable subscription – Create a monthly package of listings and
  • Control centre – Control ads from a console designed for the needs of
    your business
  • Company logos – Add logos to your account to increase exposure to your
    business. Logos are visible on the search results page, on your gallery page
    and on the products you list.
  • Free URL links – All ads listed can include a link directly to your site
  • Specialized support – E-mail and phone access to a local support team

Kijiji My Business is a customizable monthly subscription. Your monthly invoice is based on the package you create and any à la carte purchases you make during the month.

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Performance Listings offer the following advantages over regular listings:

  • No ad limits
  • More control over your inventory
  • More location targeting
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Longer ad titles
  • Searchable descriptions
  • Only pay for direct clicks on your ads
  • Total budget control

Once you’ve signed up and set up your account, you can start creating ads right away. You decide how your ads appear, when they appear, how long they appear for and how much you spend.

Through the Admarkt Ad Manager, you can create new ads, upload ads from your regular Kijiji profile and manage your budget. Performance Listings are offered on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Get started with Performance Listings on our self-serve platform.

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