The cost-per-click solution that gives you more control

A powerful solution for retailers of any size

You’ve got the inventory – all you need now is a way to reach new shoppers. Performance Listings are a cost-per-click (CPC) solution that place your branded listings on the results pages you target – by selecting your desired keyword, category and location.

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What you get with Performance Listings

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Unlimited listings for your inventory

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Control ad budgets at a product level

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Only pay when a customer clicks your listing

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Your very own store page and branded listings

Manage all your advertising with ease

A Kijiji Performance Listings webpage, featuring how to choose an ad category

Build and manage all your listings from one user-friendly console

A Kijiji Performance Listings webpage, featuring how to set ad budgets

Easily set and adjust monthly advertising budgets

A Kijiji Performance Listings webpage, featuring how to track impressions and clicks

Track impressions, clicks and your spend for each listing

A Kijiji Performance Listings webpage, featuring how to import other Kijiji listings

Effortlessly import any existing Kijiji listings

Getting started is simple


Account setup

A member of the Kijiji team will reach out to create a monthly plan.


24-hr verification

For the safety of our buyers and sellers, we verify every new account. After a 24-hour check, your account is ready to go.


Welcome call

Once your account is verified, a member of our team will reach out to walk you through the platform ‑ helping you get started on the right foot.

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