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Kijiji My Business

A customizable subscription package to promote your properties.

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Kijiji My Business is a subscription-based product designed for real estate professionals to connect with potential tenants and buyers on Kijiji.

Some benefits of Kijiji My Business include:

  • Feed compatibility – Syndicate listings from your database
  • Customizable subscription – Create a monthly package of listings and features
  • Control centre – Control ads from a console designed for the needs of your business
  • Company logos – Add logos to your account to increase exposure to your business. Logos are visible on the search results page, on your gallery page and on the properties you list.
  • Free URL links – All ads listed can include a link directly to your site
  • Specialized support – E-mail and phone access to a local support team

Kijiji My Business is a customizable monthly subscription. Your monthly invoice is based on the package you create and any à la carte purchases you make during the month.

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