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Kijiji Lead Driver Bundle helps address two of the top consumer pain points when buying their next vehicle:

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Trading-in or selling their current vehicle

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Determining how much they can afford

Say hello to high-quality leads from in-market car buyers with these new tools


Provides customers with an immediate estimate based on current market prices, so you get referred leads with strong purchasing intent.


Customers can determine their credit range and affordability, giving you quality, in-market leads.


Provides instant responses to basic questions about the vehicle in question through a chatbot, saving you time & providing new leads.

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The Kijiji Lead Driver Bundle has been designed to drive an increase in both the quantity and quality of dealer leads.

This includes Trade-In, Credit, and Chat tools powered by AutoVerify and LivePerson, directly integrated into your Kijiji Vehicle Description Page.

Automotive dealerships that have an active Kijiji subscription are eligible to add the Lead Driver Bundle to their account. See all packages here.