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With an experience that’s designed for consumers, Kijiji Autos makes it easier for shoppers to buy—which helps to make it easy for you to sell.

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Browse by category

Kijiji Autos includes browse by category, helping users to discover relevant vehicles that fit their needs.

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Third-party price analysis

To help build trust, Kiiji Autos offers a price analysis tool powered by CARFAX Canada with real market data.

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Enhanced Search Capabilities

Kiiji Autos enhances the car shopping experience by surfacing highly personalized search results based on user site behaviour.

 What’s the best package 
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Browse and compare our packages below, or answer 3 simple questions and we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you.

We recommend Business Package for your dealership

Kijiji Autos Business package provides the core essentials to help your inventory get noticed.

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3. What's the average value of your stock?

Three great packages to meet your needs


Essential visibility features and inventory exposure help:


Drive exposure for your entire inventory


Attract lower funnel lead sources


Track important sales conversations to refine your customer experience

Special offer:

Don’t pay for your
first month of Business

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Business Pro

Help increase your merchandising efficiency and boost visbility for your vehicles with:


Increased efficiency at the dealership by easily merchandising your Inventory


Boost vehicle engagement through relevant targeted listings


Gather qualified leads by collecting detailed customer trade-in inquiries

Special offer:

Save up to 20%
on your first 2 months

Get 2 months of Business Pro
for the price of Business*
2 months of
Bronze Package FREE**

Business Elite

All the tools you need for a fully automated merchandising experience designed to help provide optimized visibility and enhanced performance through:


Access to a comprehensive suite of Kijiji Autos products, giving you total control to easily list and manage your entire inventory


Optimize features at key moments to increase vehicle exposure and capture more leads


Go hands-free with automated merchandising features


Increase listing visibility and attract leads with eye catching photo placement

Special offer:

Save up to 33%
on your first 3 months

Get 3 months of Business Elite for the price of Business Pro*
2 months of
Bronze Package FREE**